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The landmark hotel hangzhou, a complete your summer and fall

Date: 2018-09-30

September is the tail of the summer, the home of the cicadas and hot air lines in this month.If still have what way, leading to the arrest of the summer night breeze blow to the river, jumped into the endless pool, let summer ended in a grand party, may be more successful.

JingLan · yuntai impression on the bank of the qiantang river hotel is a good choice.

Only belong to hangzhou's summer

JingLan yuntai impression hotel is located in the qiantang river, look into the name of west lake landscape "three pools reflected on" for the design inspiration, the whole projection into the lake, glass curtain wall of the building should be upgraded reflected on water.

With a line of landmark hotel more beautiful in the night, unique landscape river has become a money."The checkin JingLan, the checkin hangzhou".Northwest, is the coasts, mountain, YuHuangShan, see the scenery of hangzhou, culture and history;The northeast, is the citizen center, raffles and blue qianjiang qianjiang new city light show, the feelings of hangzhou modern, fashionable and prosperous;Go to, it is lotus bowl, Olympic sports expo city, qianjiang century city, think about hangzhou international, science and technology and the future...

Yuntai impression of the hotel is located in the 154 - metre - high cloud chamber, the sky endless mirror pool.

Special design to let water in the swimming pool looks like marginal extends to the field of vision, as if the sky is one line, wandering in the pool, not only overlooking the underpinnings of the qiantang river tide, hangzhou street traffic, on the other side stands of skyscrapers, especially "been", feel the charm of the city of hangzhou.Here, the other swimming bath was called.

Sitting in the pool of open-air bar, overlooking the qiantang river, summer is hot, blowing kawakaze is very cool.Night falls, the beautiful panoramic view of qianjiang new city of lights.